Ciel by Alya matte liquid lipsticks review


Everyone, meet my new crush – the Ciel by Alya matte liquid lipsticks! The brand is a local Emirati brand that exclusively sells matte liquid lipsticks. Startups and local brands intrigue me, and I do have a thing for matte liquid lipsticks so I just knew I had to get my hands on their products. Sure enough, I wasn’t disappointed. First off, with a price point of 75 dhs (~$20) these beauties do not break the bank, and shipping was so quick it seemed my lipsticks flew in on a magic carpet!

Left to right: Ciel by Alya Dusty Rose, Toy Store, Ochre and Mellow Mauve

Now I know what everyone’s first impression of the Ciel by Alya lipsticks would be – apart from the logo (which I LOVE), they look QUITE similar to the infamous Huda Beauty lipsticks. And they do. But do they perform as well? With everyone and their mother reviewing the Huda Beauty lipsticks, I did not feel the need to put in my 2 cents too; but let me just say that they are not as long-lasting as I thought they would be if they are not layered over the brand’s lip-liners. I don’t have a problem with that, and I did notice that the longevity of the Ciel by Alya lipsticks was also dramatically heightened by being layered over the Huda Beauty lip-liners. However, in general, I would say the texture and the consistency of the Ciel by Alya lipticks is amazing to the extent that the Huda Beauty swatches seem tacky, albeit less thick, in comparison. They are supposedly enriched with beeswax and Vitamin E, and in all honesty, they don’t dry out my lips. However, as with all liquid lipsticks, I assume they would emphasize any prior dryness so prep is always key.

Top to bottom: Huda Beauty Bombshell, Ciel by Alya Dusty Rose, Ciel by Alya Ochre and Huda Beauty Icon

What I like best about the Ciel by Alya lipsticks are their colors. I am in LOVE with Ochre and Toy Store. As as visible in the picture above, Ochre looks quite similar to Icon, but is a hint less red upon swatching which I definitely prefer. Out of the four lipsticks that I purchased from the brand, I think Mellow Mauve suits my complexion the least as it’s too cool toned, but I can see myself wearing Dusty Rose, Toy Store or Ochre any season!

I have been living in Dubai for almost 6 years now so it has become more than home to me. I therefore feel entitled to say I’m very proud of Ciel by Alya’s launch and totally recommend the brand to anyone who loves liquid matte lipsticks. Unfortunately, I think they only ship to the UAE for now, but I hope that changes in the future so everyone can get a chance to try them out!






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