I had the pleasure to attend the Brow-volution event at Browz UAE in The Mall, the UAE’s first exclusive brow bar.

I had seen my fair share of before and after pictures of eyebrow microblading and lash lifts, but up until I visited Browz, I felt no one has perfected the techniques in Dubai quite yet (I always recommend Roula Karam Face Couture for people in Lebanon, she is the best!)

The treatment rooms are bright and soothing, and an air of professionalism permeates the store. Seeing the treatments in action is intriguing and from the looks of it, Browz already has its regulars. Going over the price list, there are annual packages available for purchase that shave off money on the long run, which probably entices a one-off client to become a regular.

I personally am happy with the thickness and fullness of my brows but anyone who isn’t and lives in Dubai might want to give their Fluffy Browz (Microblading) treatment a try. Their HD Browz sounds appealing and I was gifted an LVL Enhance voucher that I plan to redeem as soon as my schedule allows. Stay tuned for a review!

Scroll down for pictures from the event…




LVL Enhance treatment in process
Microblading in process


My favorite corner
Voss beauty water infusion station
My Voss infusion – I chose mint, lemon, cinnamon and blueberry – yum!


Goody bag – candle smells divine!


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