How to Choose Foundation

How to choose foundationA lot of my friends tell me they enjoy buying makeup best when I’m with them. Sales attendants intimidate them, and they often go back home with the wrong shade of foundation or concealer just because it was recommended to them and they did not know any better…

In general, I don’t succumb to the pressure of sales people to buy products, especially when it comes to makeup!

I like to try a foundation before I buy it…. I ask the sales attendant of the brand to apply it (with clean tools of course!) and I take my time to see how it sits on my skin as the day passes. I take a look in the mirror in every lighting setting possible, ESPECIALLY in natural day light, to make sure the shade blends in seamlessly with my skin.

The steps to choose the right foundation:

1 – Decide on the formula, coverage and finish

Are you looking for liquid, cream or powder foundation? Usually this would depend on your skin type. If you’re looking for a daily-use foundation, you might prefer light-coverage and if you have acne, you might want a medium to full-coverage. Do you want a dewy or matte, long-lasting finish? Know what you want before you head out to a store so you do not get overwhelmed by all the options out there!

2 – Know your skin tone

Are you warm (yellowish) or cool (pinky) toned? The best way to find out is to take a look at the veins on your hand; green means warm, blue means cool and if you cannot tell you might just be neutral!

3 Р Choose the shade wisely

The big mistake people, and A LOT of sales attendants make, is apply foundation on the hand to check if the shade matches the skin. The hands are often darker, or a different color, than the face. Foundation should be matched to the jawline so it blends seamlessly with the neck.

4 – Bring a friend along

Sometimes it is hard to discern whether or not a foundation looks good on you, especially in the horrible lighting of most beauty stores. A friend will be able to point out shade incompatibility and objectively assess whether the foundation looks like skin or not.

Happy shopping!