My Gucci-Laden Summer

gucci 2_s

Shhhhhh! Don’t tell anyone but I think I have a SLIGHT obsession with Gucci beauty products! Seriously, they’re all I can seem to wear and talk about lately. I fell in love with all the Gucci products I purchased earlier so I knew a second Sephora trip was lurking on the horizon. Lo and behold, I left with five new lipsticks, four eyeshadows and one nail polish…
gucci 3_s

Describing the lipsticks as phenomenal would be an understatement – they are that good! They have an intense color payoff and are really long-lasting. The icing on the cake? They are not drying at all! Shown above (from left to right) on the top are Rush and Ethereal while Begonia, Fiery Fuschia and Heartbreaker are on the bottom. Coincidentally, all these happen to be from the Luxurious Moisture-Rich line, but the Audacious lipsticks I have glide on the lips easily as well and are not exactly matte.

My favorite color out of all the lot would have to be Rush, an intense orangey red. I also bought the matching nail polish shade (shown below). I think this combination will be a summer staple for me 🙂

gucci 1_sIntense and shimmery, the eye shadows i bought are (left to right) Oxydus, Antique Gold, Anthracite and Starlight. Out of all the ones I have, only Iconic Gold and Anthracite have fallout issues –  but the colors are amazing it’s worth splurging on them and maybe apply the eye makeup first when using them so you can always clean up before finishing off the rest of the 4_s

My love affair with Gucci cosmetics is far from over. I still have my eye on the mascara, eyeliners, concealer, bronzer, powder and blush…which translates into everything else I don’t have from the line so far! Obsessed much?! Tell me, what makeup brand have you been obsessing about lately?


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