Charlotte Tilbury – The Sophisticate Luxury Palette

Charlotte Tilbury - The Sophisticate The Sophisticate Luxury Palette has quickly become a staple in my everyday makeup routine. Its versatility is similar to that of the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette, but as its name implies, I find its colors to lean more towards the ‘sophisticated’ side, especially the SMOKE color. I feel it lends the eye an air of elegance in comparison to a normal black shadow. What I like about this palette, and all other Charlotte Tilbury eye palettes, is its ease of use – any eyeshadow novice can use it because the shadows are color-coded. For example, to use all the colors in the palette, apply PRIME on the lid and inner corners of the eyes, ENHANCE in the crease, SMOKE in the outer corners and lower lash line and POP on the center of the lid. If you are a neutral die hard lover, then I definitely urge you to add this beauty to your stash.

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