How to make your eyes look bigger!

How to make your eyes look bigger_s

How to make your eyes look bigger!

Used right, makeup can help you transform your features. Here are my tips to make your eyes look bigger with the help of makeup!

  • Use light eyeshadow colors on your lids but a darker one in the crease to help define it more, giving the illusion of depth.
  • Line upper and lower lash lines. I prefer the lower lash line to be less defined than the upper, so I smudge it after.
  • Use light instead of dark colors on your waterline – more specifically, a nude color works best. Some people prefer white but I find it too unnatural. Dark colors like black will only make your eyes look smaller.
  • Curl your lashes. I can’t emphasize it enough! Curling lashes widens the eyes. Trust me, once you curl, you can’t go back!
  • Enough said.
  • Some people opt for lashes, but I prefer to save them for special occasions.