Empties #2 – November

Empties 2 November_s

CLINIQUE Take the Day Off Makeup Remover For Lids, Lashes & Lips

This oil-based makeup remover has been a staple in my skincare stash for years now and is always the one I fall back onto after trying new ones. I almost only use it as an eye makeup remover, and I find it to be very gentle and effective. Unlike other oil-based removers I’ve tried, this does not feel ‘heavy’ on the skin and adeptly removes all traces of waterproof eyeliner or mascara. I’m always weary about trying out eye products; I’m prone to allergies and have many a times woken up to swollen lids and rashes. This remover passes my test with flying colors!

DERMALOGICA Ultra-Calming Cleanser

After battling with my skin for years on and off, mostly with the supervision of dermatologists, I decided to give prescription medication and topical creams a break after waking up one day with bleach stains on my pillowcase. I mean if a cream is harsh enough to bleach bed sheets what is it doing to my skin? I decided to go for a consultation with Dermalogica and after some trial and error, with the help of a skin specialist, I realized that my acne-prone skin is very sensitive and reactive. We decided the best way forward was to try products from the ‘sensitive’ range, and this Ultra-Calming Cleanser topped the list. Lo and behold, after some time my skin calmed down, redness subsided and my face was clearing up. This cleanser is very gentle, and does not strip my skin off its natural moisture. I use a pump at a time, morning and evening, and even use it with my Clarisonic. I decided to go for the 500 mL bottle, which lasted me a bit over 3 months, after using up a trial size of it and I have already opened my second bottle. I will continue repurchasing until I find a better cleanser.


This nail-polish dryer is truly a miracle product. Just a drop on each nail after a manicure ensures that nails are dry and salon-ready within a minute or two. However, don’t expect nails to dry so fast if you have used thick coats of nail polish. My only complaint is that the dropper does not properly reach the end of the bottle, so using it up properly was a hassle. For this reason, I will not repurchase this soon but look for other similar products instead.


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