How to Get Super-Soft Kissable Lips!

Lip Scub and Balms_s2

With temperatures dropping and winter approaching in most countries, lips are more prone to chapping and lipstick certainly does not look good on flaky lips! Follow these tips to combat lip dryness:


Some people prefer using their toothbrush or a towel to buff their lips but I prefer using a lip scrub. I have been really loving Lush BubbleGum and I use it 2-3 times a week, as needed.


After scrubbing the lips I follow with Orlane Extreme Line-Reducing Lip Care, my favorite lip product ever! You can tell I love it so much the writing on it is practically faded! I was hesitant to shell out so much money for a product I didn’t really understand at first, but this makes my lips so soft and supple. It is also meant to diminish wrinkles but I can’t really comment on that yet. Only a quarter of a pump is needed at a time, and I use this twice daily, so it really lasts long and justifies its price.

Sugar Honey Tinted Lip Treatment Suncreen SPF 15 from Fresh is what I keep in my purse for on-the-go lip protection with a subtle color. Another great option is Dior Addict Lip Glow . It is sheer but enhances the color of lips, creating a shade that is specific to each person, along with moisturizing and protecting with SPF 10. For a less expensive option, I would suggest Vichy Acqualia Thermal – it goes on sheer, does a great job at moisturizing really dry lips and is readily available at pharmacies.

When my lips are heavily chapped, I apply a layer of Nuxe Reve de Miel at night and wake up to really soft lips. It’s quite thick so I prefer reserving it for night-time use only.

What do you do to combat lip dryness?


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