Perfect your liner – Ecriture de Chanel

Chanel Ecriture_s

My eyes feel naked without eyeliner, and although I still struggle with having both eyes symmetrical, I’m always on the lookout for the easiest products to use to perfect my liner.  This will be the first of a series of posts on my most coveted eyeliners.

Today’s product is the liquid Ecriture de Chanel. It is great for everyday use and has been a personal favorite for two years now. It’s tapered tip aids in drawing that perfect line, whether it is a subtle barely-there one or a more dramatic wing. The best thing I like about this liner is its longevity. I noticed it stays put all day and I never have to worry about raccoon eyes on my oily eyelids/hooded eyes when I’m wearing this (granted I always wear primer on my lid everyday).

It comes in 3 shades – Noir (Black), Brun (Brown) and Anthracite (Grey). At first I went for the black just to test it out, and ended up buying the brown and grey later. I am currently on my second liner from each color.

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